The Believe in yourself Seminar 2

SUCCESS stories and personal secrets were heard in ‘The Believe 2’ session at Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Centre last Sunday, which was sponsored by GFx investment, with over 500 participants looking for inspiration to learn more about growth experiences in the fields of finance, writing, business, and technology.

At the second event of its kind, The Believe 2 held a full-day session to provide the best strategies, skills, and tools for participants to become masters of their own personal and professional life.

An organizer Keo Pisey said The Believe 2 event was built with an aim to connect the world’s best to all aspirants harboring their own business plans. Also this time, the event focused on participants who want to get their own dream plan started.

Hundreds of participants at CKCC, mostly young people willing to learn more from the speakers on how to make their dreams come true. Supplied

“Most participants came at this time with ambitions to become an entrepreneur and initiate a business start-up,” said Ms. Pisey, adding that “people are not only yearning to learn new skills but young people especially also want to know how to cope with failure at the early onset of an enterprise.”

Ms. Pisey recalled that young people who experience failure can lapse into depression, and worse, lose the confidence to find success.

“When some think they lack talent or skill, they will not dare venture into anything. So their dream will never be reachable,” Ms. Pisey added.

Sharing secrets to his dream, Bun Park one of four speakers who is Managing Director and CEO of Camazoon Co., Ltd and Founder of (application) said he graduated in Aircraft Maintenance but he is now working at a different (education) company.

“What you learn at school may not match reality in the job market but the question is whether you want to learn something in a new area. I recommend that young people should follow their talent and ask what they want to do and be happy to do it,” said Mr. Park who suggested that people be more confident when choosing the right direction.

Bun Park’s own mobile application business is now one of the largest online shopping platforms with more than 100,000 products listed online.

Meanwhile, a first-timer to ‘Believe 2’ in the audience, Pork Chanthol, a 24-year-old grounded in Information Technology, came wide-eyed to learn success secrets from the speakers.

Ms. Chanthol said: “I am now working now at a company but I want to learn from the experts. Previously, I wanted to start a business but was afraid to take the leap. But today listening to them, I think I will try to start one in the future.”

“If we think that we cannot, then we cannot. So we should start step by step, starting from the first step, from the smallest. It doesn’t matter if we fail but what matters is we won’t know anything without trying,” said Ms. Chanthol with her dream now revitalized for her future.

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