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Who We Are

We Care About Your Business, Just As You Do.

We are a team of professionals helping small businesses in Cambodia grow steadily by directly providing product sourcing from the oversea manufacturers.

Look At Services We Can Provide You!

Camazoon has multiple different services that are designed for on-going businesses or entrepreneurs to be just like you.

Product Sourcing

If you find that it's hard and costly to find and work with local suppliers, just come to us. We cut all the other costs, giving you the lowest price you can't even imagine.

Premium Gift

Premium Gift Service at Camazoon lets you take customization to the products so that the products can speak something about your business to others.

Retail Platform

Under Camazoon, Phzar and Phzar Seller are our online marketplaces. You can buy thousands of products on Phzar, while Phzar Seller allows you to start selling online.

Live Channel

Phzar Live is a Facebook Live Channel having more than ten thousands of followers. Growing day by day, Phzar Live makes more sales for us and our partners.


At Camazoon, four different departments are bounding together, forming a strong backbone for us.

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