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In 2019, Camazoon launched Phzar, the biggest online retail shopping Platform in Cambodia. Phzar mobile app and website allow you to buy more than 100 thousand products ranging from Electronics, Phone & Computer Accessories, Fashions, Health & Cosmetics, Sports & Outdoors, to Babies & Toys.


Most businesses encounter a big barrier to find the right supplier. To respond to this problem, Camazoon offers factory sourcing service from more than 500 trusted factories and distributors in China. Direct supply from Manufacture is cheap, time-saving, and gain competitive advantages for your business, leading to the best approach for your business success. As a product sourcing specialist, we keep track of each of your supply requirements with our best product sourcing solution. We source, inspect, and ship directly to you.

Customized product & Sample

Our team works closely with manufacturers to ensure that your final product conforms to your specifications and meets your expectations. You may use Camazoon’s services to help you obtain factory samples, so you will know how your final product should be made before starting mass production. Want to have your business logo or your company name printed on the products? Just talk to our team, and we will help you customize your product as per request.

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