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Camazoon provides Wholesale products sourcing services and Premium Gifts customizing for local SMEs directly from Manufacturers in China.

There is nowhere you can see Camazoon products as we don't display them anywhere. Yet, you can visit Phzar.com to see available categories. We can help you buy anything you see there or you can buy in bulk from there as well. Contact us via 061 842 121 or via Telegram to make order.

Currently, Camazoon only supplies products from China.

We can source all kinds of products you need.

  • You only need to tell us the product(s) and their quantities. If you have photos of the product(s) required, you can send them to our purchasing team so that they can find the exact products that you need from the most trusted manufacturers in China and negotiate a special price for you.
  • Our purchasing team gets back to you with the manufacturing price that includes every other service fee, such as shipping and delivery, tax clearance, quality check.
  • Upon agreeing to the price, we will issue you a quotation, and you will have to make full payment of the total amount, and wait for a call from our delivery team when your item(s) arrive at our warehouse in Phnom Penh.

Yes, the sum on the quotation is the final amount. You don’t have to pay more for taxes or shipping fee.

Upon agreed to the quotation issued by us, you have to pay 100% of the order amount. You will get a 5% discount when paying within 2 days from the date listed in our quotation.

After you agree to purchase the products, you can then pay via:

  1. Bank Transfer (ABA):
    • Account number: 001054682
    • Account name: BAK NAMPHENG
  2. Wing
    • Phone number: 089 256 356

You can choose shipping options as follow:

  1. Land Freight:
    • Lead time: 12-15 days
    • Fee: $1.5/kg or $150-$180/CBM
  2. Air Freight:
    • Lead time: 2-3 days
    • Fee: $15/kg

We provide free shipping only in Phnom Penh area. If you want to ship your product to the provinces, you have to pay for the deliver fee (mostly around $2.5).

Some products come with factory warranty while some don't - we state in the quotation.  However, we advice you to check the product(s) carefully when receiving from the delivery agent. In case of problems, contact us at 023 218 248.

When finding that your item (s) is (are) defective, contact us immediately. After confirming the case, we will exchange the item (s) with the new one(s) or make a refund. Note: this applies only to the damage that is greater than 3% of the total products.

We don't accept any orders from Amazon, eBay or Taobao. But, we accept bulk order from Alibaba.


Please see How to buy on Phzar here.

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